Parkview Healthy Schools Journey

Parkview Academy has been on a journey to demonstrate we are committed to creating a positive environment which supports physical and emotional health and wellbeing. We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Healthy Schools Award that recognises the efforts made to ensure our school community strives in achieving positive well-being for our students. To achieve this, we had to review our practise in promoting and improving our student’s health and wellbeing. We want to share with you the ways in which we do this at Parkview Academy. 

PSHE: Effective planning and delivery of PSHE has been a focus of our Healthy School’s journey. PSHE education is central to helping pupils to stay healthy and safe, and to equip them with the personal and social skills to negotiate life’s challenges, opportunities and risks. We offer a broad range of PSHE within our curriculum including qualifications in Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Employability Skills

Healthy Eating: Our school meals are freshly prepared onsite by our chef ‘Pam’. Pam is passionate about preparing fresh, healthy meals which taste great, and encourages our students to try a variety of foods from different cultures. This helps us to ensure our students are having a balanced diet which has proven to increase their ability to concentrate and learn. And of course, for those students who bring pack lunches, Pam offers guidance on how to prepare healthy meals and snacks at home.

Physical Activity: We provide all children with a minimum of 2 hours PE (including dance, games and gymnastics)  every week, as well as opportunities to complete sensory circuits, outdoor pursuits, and after school clubs. Becoming a Health School has confirmed that we ensure every child has an equal opportunity to take part in PE and Sport at a level appropriate to their development.

Social, Emotional, and Mental Healthy (SEMH): SEMH forms an integral part of our curriculum. All our students have SEMH targets which are reviewed termly, and pupil achievements are rewarded individually or as a class. Our ‘Student of the School’ is presented during Assembles with parents and carers invited to celebrate success.

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Healthy Schools At Parkview Academy

At Parkview Academy we aim to provide a high quality physical education curriculum that motivates and inspires all students to succeed. We provide opportunities for our students to learn about the importance of a balanced diet and it’s role in meeting the demands of their environment. We want students to become physically literate and confident in ways which supports their health, confidence and fitness. We provide opportunities for students to take part in school sports with an aim of developing their character, resilience, teamwork and emotional well-being.

A Marvellous May for Parkview Academy !

On Thursday 24th May, students at Parkview Academy completed their introduction to drama. 

This is a massive achievement as, not only is it the first time that our school has offered drama to our Learners, but they had to also complete a series of tasks  to pass their assessment including:

Freeze frames,
Stage presence ,
Scenario; and finally
to perform a scene in front of an audience.

This is a massive achievement for our students most of whom suffer from low confidence and we are very proud of them.

As this was a success the school will now be able to offer NCFE drama qualifications within our curriculum.

May was a busy month for Parkview Academy with another historic moment.  Three of our post 16 students sat their maths GCSE. They are the very first students from Parkview Academy to do so and we are very proud of them – well done to them!

GDPR is Here

ALP Schools complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our schools are committed to maintaining the highest standards when handling personal information. Parkview Academy is required to have it’s own privacy notice and Privacy (Data Protection Policy) to ensure that all pupils, parents, staff and applicants are aware of how and when their data may be used by us and our data controllers.

Read ALP Schools Privacy Notice here

Read Parkview Academy’s Data Protection (Privacy) Policy


Term 1 Trip to Wembley


We’re all off to Wembley!

On the 4th of september a mixture of our KS3 and KS4 students were fortunate enough to go and watch the England vs Slovenia world cup qualifier at Wembley stadium.

A great evening was had by all and our students were lucky enough to enjoy a 2-1 win to England.

Room 10 Have Green Fingers!


This term our students from room 10 have joined up with Pierview Academy’s Nurture Through Nature project to take part in the NCFE agriculture qualification.

Our students join Karen once a week at Pierview Academy’s allotment in Gravesend, returning to school to complete the classroom theory work.

Room 10 are having so much fun we hope we can offer this out to other students soon.


Parkview Academy Graduation Ceremony

At the end of our summer term Parkview Academy held it’s first ever graduation ceremony to say goodbye to the students whose time at our Academy has come to an end.

This was a great event that celebrated the achievements of a group of talented young people some of whom had been with the school since it’s opening in 2009, truly the end of an era!

This was such a lovely and well turned out event that we hope to make graduation a yearly fixture to our school calendar.