Cookie Policy

Alternative Learning Project tries to give visitors to our website the best experience possible. One of the ways we achieve this is by storing small amounts of information about your visit in data files onto your computer called cookies. Cookies don’t identify you personally, but help the site remember details about your visit enabling us to provide better services for you. They cannot carry viruses or install malware on your machine.

You can control and delete these files as you wish. If you chose to delete cookies please be aware that some parts of the website, such as our contact form, will not work properly. You can find out more about cookies and how to remove them at:

How we use cookies

Alternative Learning Project uses cookies in several places, we’ll run through each we set, what reasons we have for setting them and how long they last for.

Cookie NameTypical ContentDescriptionExpires in:
catAccCookiesa number equal to 1We set this cookie to remember that you have clicked and confirmed that we use cookies on our site.1 Month

Google Maps

Cookie NameTypical ContentDescriptionExpires in:
SID, SAPISID, APISID, SSID, HSID, NID, PREFVarious unique identifiers, except for PREF which stores your options such as preferred zoom level.Google set a number of cookies on any page that includes a Google Map. While we have no control over the cookies set by Google, they appear to include a mixture of pieces of information to measure the number and behaviour of Google Maps users.Most of the cookies expire 10 years after your last visit to a page containing a Google Map.