At Park View Academy we believe that every child should have an opportunity to experience success with their education no matter what their background or special needs…


Welcome to Park View Academy

We recognise that our learners may need additional support before they are ready to fully engage in the curriculum. Therefore, we typically follow a progressive step by step approach as summarised in the mnemonic; ARRRTT


  • Attendance: Focus on improving each learner’s attendance level to ensure they give themselves the basis to achieve.
  • Routine: Learning Support Assistants help learners to gain a routine that is adapted to pupils individual needs to ensure they feel comfortable in the educational environment.
  • Relationship: Learners are assisted in developing sound relationships with tutors and other service users.
  • Respect: Working with learners and families in a holistic manner to maximize their life-chances and educational potential.
  • Trust: When a pupil feels more secure and understood.
  • Teach: A formal, academic curriculum takes place.



School Media’s Most Recent Show:

5 October 2018 – Celebrating Black History Month with our Martin Luther King Jr Special

Parkview Academy EXCLUSIVE Interview with Derren Brown

Enjoy a sneak peek at our exclusive interview with magician and tv star Derren Brown:

The full audio of the interview is available on our ALP School media website.

A Marvellous May for Parkview Academy !

On Thursday 24th May, students at Parkview Academy completed their introduction to drama. 

This is a massive achievement as, not only is it the first time that our school has offered drama to our Learners, but they had to also complete a series of tasks  to pass their assessment including:

Freeze frames,
Stage presence ,
Scenario; and finally
to perform a scene in front of an audience.

This is a massive achievement for our students most of whom suffer from low confidence and we are very proud of them.

As this was a success the school will now be able to offer NCFE drama qualifications within our curriculum.

May was a busy month for Parkview Academy with another historic moment.  Three of our post 16 students sat their maths GCSE. They are the very first students from Parkview Academy to do so and we are very proud of them – well done to them!

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