Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

LPPA Parent Engagement at Parkview Academy ALP Welling

This academic year, Parkview Academy is working towards a Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). 


  • To improve communication between the school and families
  • To offer a wider range of opportunities for parents/carers to develop their understanding of strategies to support their children’s learning
  • To offer families a wider range of opportunities to come together as a school community to celebrate events and successes
  • To develop a two-way communication approach to school improvement, offering families more opportunities to have a say in school matters
  • To further strengthen links between governors, leadership, school staff, families and students 
  • To enable all families to attend school events

What we have achieved to date

  • Surveyed families to determine the strategic direction of school improvement for students and their parents/carers
  • Responded to families on the outcomes from the surveys and the school’s next steps
  • Organised/delivered Parent Workshops on Phonics, Safeguarding, Mental Health and Healthy Eating
  • Organised/delivered additional events in school to celebrate the school community (World Book Day, Art Exhibition, Families Picnic)
  • Consulted on and updated the Home/School Communication Policy (available on the school website)
  • Consulted on and updated the schools’ Behaviour Policy  (available on the school website)
  • Regularly meeting with school staff to ensure that all members of staff are committed to improving engagement with families
  • Increased contact with families regarding their children’s successes

Next Steps

  • Continue to gather feedback from families to ensure that we work together as a school community to strengthen parent partnership
  • Continue to communicate with families, governors, staff and students regarding progress towards our LPPA targets
  • To develop a wider range of parent workshops to support the learning of parents and students
  • To continue to celebrate school wide events as a whole school community
  • To consult parents on upcoming policy changes
  • To organise events at times and locations that are accessible to the broadest range of families
  • To continue to celebrate the successes of individual students and class groups via email, parentmail, school website and social media platforms
  • To ensure that class and curriculum information is readily available to families in a timely manner

Families are welcomed to offer feedback to the school regarding the LPPA process, aims and next steps. Please contact the school administrator via email or telephone to offer your comments or suggestions:

Julie Nunn (School Administrator) – julie.nunn@alpschools.org


Many Thanks,

LPPA Working Group

Emma Chatzispyridou– Headteacher 

Julie Woodcock– Assistant Headteacher- Safeguarding

Jonty Emmerson– Assistant Headteacher- Curriculum 

Richard Johnson– Executive Headteacher